15 December 2006

the secret lives of businesspeople

at work, we use something called the bloomberg system. it's a standalone program that allows people to trade bonds, look at prices, message other traders, send files, etc. i would say it's an invaluable communication and execution tool for professionals.

imagine my surprise when i saw that people can now put their own blogs on bloomberg. so what are business bloggers saying in this worldwide forum? one offering, from a bloomberg employee, was a hangover calculator. another has a title called 'frrrrrriday' (lowercase) and talks about how this guy got drunk with this 'nice ukranian girl' the night before and didn't call his wife. and, my personal favorite so far:

title: Lobster !!
entry: LOBSTER !!

that's it.

it's heartening to know that professionals, when given the opportunity, are just as idiotic as the rest of us.