13 December 2006

gingerblog: wayyy behind schedule

i had hoped to start baking by this point. instead, i'm still cobbling together a mockup of the church in cardboard, per my books' instructions. as it turns out, this was a great idea; the spacing of my windows hadn't really been thick enough. my house probably would have fallen down. there's still no guarantee it won't, but now i can at least take steps to shore it up if need be.

cutting cardboard with a hobby knife is crappy work. i only got two sides done and i haven't even touched the roof. sigh. so little time...

she just crawled in there before i snapped the photo. she's been driving me nuts tonight, more than usual.. much more bitey. not cool, especially when i've got a brand new knife in my hands. silly thing better hope i don't get stabby.

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