31 July 2006

@#%@#$, it's hot

man, what a weekend. my friend justin visited from cleveland. i love it when someone visits; i get to see and do stuff i'd never see or do otherwise. stuff like:

whew. i think i made up for several weeks of sloth with that laundry list. i had an assload of fun doing it, too. ffs, justin, ditch ohio already. :D

23 July 2006

wicker park streetfest, etc.

whew. been on my feet for pretty much the whole day (my day starting at 12:30, like a sunday should). i firstly went to the brown elephant on halsted, then to linens 'n things, to look for a foyer table. no dice on either end. i proceeded to big hair to get a freakin' haircut, since i'm such a hippie. no deal. i thought they were open 'till 4 on sunday - such says a sign posted in their window - but they're only open 'till 3 and they stop taking walk-ins an hour before close. i got there at 2:30. boned, i decided what the hell, since i came up here, i'll take a bus down to summerfest in wicker park.

it was ok. i was mostly interested in telefon tel aviv and starlight mints, mostly because those were the only bands i'd heard of beforehand. i missed TTA; they played saturday and i had a certain furniture item to wait on for four hours. but hey, i could still see the starlight mints, and buy some unnecessary gewgaws and greasy pizza while i was at it.

i caught the band before starlight mints, who had the enviable name of someone still loves you, boris yeltsin. (one of the better ones i've heard lately.) i must admit, though he looked underage, the singer was pretty darn cute. i should have bought some crap from them. they put on a good show, too.

starlight mints took their sweet time getting everything ready. i guess that's what you go thru when a large part of your act is samples from many different keyboards and having six people on stage. (at one point they claimed they were not going to do a certain song, as they did not have the appropriate puppets with them.) before they went on, i bumped into a coworker with whom i discuss music with quite a bit. that was cool. unfortunately i kind of blew off his companion/coworker at another job/friend when we parted ways. d'oh.

on the plus side, the mints were very good. i'd only heard a tiny bit of their stuff before going to see them. they're.. well, they're downright goofy. they've got a theatrical britpop/dr. seussian vibe going on, with plenty of horn and random sundry sounds. they looked like they were having fun. good stuff.

oh, as mentioned before, i purchased more than my fair share of jewelry and fewd and beer. one necklace i bought is made from old computer parts. the thought just makes me feel all funny inside. not only is it industrial enough to wear to the club, i could slap it on for a lan party. rock.

22 July 2006

the day has arrived!

over memorial day weekend, i went to roy's furniture (2455 n. sheffield) to scope out couches. i'd never owned one of my own before; one of the slew of apartments i've lived in so far had a hand-me-down, but it didn't move with me and the sublettors donated it to the brown elephant, if i recall correctly. pro about roy's: they're pretty darn cheap due to lack of advertising, and they have a fuckton of nice stuff. con about roy's: 6-8 weeks for delivery. my poor homeless couch, floating in the ether, was not to be truly mine for at least a month and a half.

but today, they finally deposited it in my living room in under five minutes, with little fanfare. it was as if an alien wormhole had plopped this green overstuffed egg into my undeserving dimension:

and apparently, i'm not the only one happy about it:


19 July 2006

better or worse than secondhand smoke?

the good news is, i got my ancient a/c sleeve unit working. the genius in me (with some help from a landlord) plugged the damn thing in, after turning my bathwater brown for five minutes whilst cleaning the filter.

the bad news is, i'm not sure exactly what my apartment now smells like, but it's not good. sort of like a combination between dirt and fish. how did my apartmental ancestors before me cope with this smell? did they have the absence of common sense to even turn it on? holing up in my bedroom with my new window unit is sounding like a better and better idea.

revoking my citizenship (again)

so bush put the kibosh on opening up more stem cell research. this doesn't surprise me, nor will it surprise anyone. after all, we're dying to let the world know we're devolving to the point where we're willing to toss embryos in the garbage that could otherwise save people (including children!) from dying.

'hey bob, you just gonna toss those embryos? why don't we try to get some use out of em, since we have em around?'
'nah jimmy, it's a disgrace to the sanctity of life!' *scrapes cells into the incinerator*

what really pisses me off is when he was making his little speech, there were two squirming spawn behind him carried by idiot patsies. i don't pray often, but i hope one of those kids is stricken with Parkinson's or diabetes or something. that'll teach em. fuckers.

13 July 2006

i blame the red states

ugh.. fuck you, america, for voting Taylor Ware as the second semi-finalist. how cornball can you get.

10 July 2006


what does a lifelong sloth do when it wants to stop being slothlike? what is there to do? impromptu kickboxing? lacrosse? bustin' a move? jesus wept.. unspent energy, wasted in jaw clenching and foot tapping. rollerblades, a skateboard, a bike.. fuck, i don't know how to do any of those things. can a body learn at age 26?

sigh.. i guess a walk's better than nothing..

05 July 2006

america's got another patsy

crap. crap crap. crap crappity crap. i think i'm hooked on 'america's got talent.' i always said i avoided these kind of shows like the plague, for obvious reasons, but goddamn, i couldn't stop watching. the whole reason i tuned in was because one of our local gals got on the show (and passed onto the next round, btw). they showed her in a rerun, then damn their oily souls, they showed a new one after that! what kind of demons DO such an abominable thing??

i could get used to this whole 'teevee' thing... sure beats real life.

03 July 2006