21 April 2006


please kill me. i can't wait till this move is over. just one more week, just one more week... and i haven't even had it that bad, considering. i just can't stand looking around my dank, festering apartment any longer. plus all this planning and arranging is really cutting into my Futurama time.

on top of that, my computer is on the fritz. i barely know my own name anymore. will life ever go back to normal?

*thinking hard about what my normal life consists of*

ok, maybe not *normal*...

14 April 2006

fun with econ (or: fun? with econ?!)

i was going thru my papers to see what i could dump when i came across some of my high school notebooks, which i kept for various reasons, mostly humor-related. senior year AP Economics was one of my most hated classes. lucky for me, i sat right next to and passed frequent notes with one of my good friends back in the day. Lisa and i would doodle stick figures of Gavin Rossdale and Russell Crowe, giving them the wittiest of captions. right in the front row, no less. screw you, Mr. Bruce!

i realize what was funny at 17 might not translate to what's funny at 26, but i did come across an interesting phrase:

I'd hate to meet aggregate expenditure in a dark alley.

i couldn't tell you what it means now, and i doubt i knew what it meant then. all i know is, it made me snicker, and that's what matters.

10 April 2006

omg, another show

i want to be moved into my new place now. right now, damnit. typical movers help you move, but only after you've packed up all your stuff, right? where are the guys i can hire to pack up all my stuff? i'd gladly sacrifice a pair or two of lacy unmentionables in order to get out of that crap.

i s'pose i should mention i went to a concert on friday... a little band known as the dresden dolls. somehow, i managed to snag a companion that was not related to me, not dating anyone related to me, nor in a local band with which i am friends. amazing.

show info stated that the doors would be open at 11 pm. when we arrived at 11:30, however, doors had yet to be opened and the large, gothed-out, stripey crowd had been relegated to standing out in the freezing, whipping cold. my companion and i considered this quite gauche, so we trundled off to uncommon ground to wait out the ridiculousness. after two pieces of molten chocolate cake (glguahgla), we descended upon the metro once more.

we missed the first act, but considering how packed the environs were, i figured that was for the best. we managed to wedge ourselves into a tiny space amongst the throng of humanity, very close to the right-hand side speakers. ah, nothing like 'the barber of seville' blaring into one's ears from a distance of mere feet. my companion enjoyed it immensely. i, of course, only know the song courtesy of chuck jones. oh well.

as for the dolls themselves.. awesome. i almost forgot the weakness in my ankles and the pain in my feet from standing in my silly little heels for hours on end. (almost.) i hadn't heard anything from their latest yet, so it was nice to hear some new songs along with the old. i think the highlights of the night were 'coin-operated boy', a French folk cover called 'amsterdam' that i'd never heard of, and 'war pigs', which i'd definitely heard of. man, that shit sounds great on a piano, much more so than you'd think. amanda was worshipful and brian was.. smokin'. rawr. overall, an early saturday morning well-spent. now if only they hadn't woken me at 10 am to show my fucking apartment...

06 April 2006


my coworker, for whatever reason, went to a Wrigley's shareholder meeting the other day. in return for investing, the company gave out little 'kits' of gum and candy in these spiffy boxes. he passed 'em around to the entire office. there was the usual stuff, like Altoids, Eclipse, Orbit, what have you. then, included with the usual suspects, were some funky little japanese items.. all gum, i think.

i picked up a piece today out of the box and pondered the chewing that was to come. it had cherries printed on it, so i figured, what's the harm? upon opening the little wrapper, i saw a hollowed-out piece of pink gum with this translucent gel in the middle. not the most appetizing sight. dauntless, i poked it into my mouth anyway. and i know what you're thinking; foreign candy has been the brunt of comedy for many a year due to its odd packaging and unknown sources. well, i'm here to tell you:

it tasted like soap.

i mean, it was tolerable, but the 'cherry' branding on the wrapper must have been a mere whimsical notion, for it in no way resembled cherry of any kind. the gel had a naturally sickening consistency, reminding me of little fat globules in sausage. what springs to mind is Big Pink gum from Futurama. sadly, my teeth were not pinkened from the experience.

as a bonus, though, i picked out another, more savory japanese treat from the gum box:

now when someone asks me for some gum, i can just give them my... yeah.