03 August 2007

did anyone see the decade that hit me?

on wednesday, i got the dreaded email. it was from a girl i hadn't seen in many, many years. ten, to be exact. she was informing me of Fremd's 10-year high school reunion. dear god, did this day come so soon? sure, i think about my old school chumpals sometimes. and i figured, graduating in '97, that it should be coming sooner or later. but not, like, in reality! and definitely not now, at the near-nadir of my social life.

i've been fighting chronic lower back pain for about a month. don't know what i did. the only thing i can think is lifting my a/c unit into my window, then doing some crawling IT work at the office. even with that, after a few days of rest it should dissipate, correct? no dice. i don't care what anyone says, 27 is too young to get this kind of pain day after day. the quack doc put me on a naproxen regimen, basically superpowered aleve dosages twice a day for three weeks. so far the pain is still present.

as a result, i haven't wanted to do anything, including exercise. i haven't had too good a track record ever since the wedding; i'm starting to feel like a tub. i was pretty much a tub in high school, too, but damn if that isn't what i want to present. the thing's in roughly three weeks. three stinkin' weeks! i dunno, man. it's also $55 without a guest. i knew my school was well-off, but jeez. barring any unforseen events, i think i'll skip out. my only worry is i'll go to my 15th or 20th reunion instead...and have a heart attack when i see how old everyone is.