28 September 2005

i <3 nostalgia

one of the things i liked so much about tetris is that i can play it effortlessly and just.. let my mind wander. i like to play it when i have a difficult problem in my life that i feel i must work out. the mechanical jibber-jabber of my fingers lends itself well to the split concentration needed for my unconscious to spit out what it's percolating. in times of trouble, tetris is my panacea.

i also like it because it's basically the only problem-solving game i was ever any good at. i purposely fuck some of my games up just so i can work out the problem further on down the line. it's no oregon trail, sure, but that's frighteningly far-sighted for my way of thinking.

27 September 2005


i am beat. put together a lingering cold, an ass-kicking, death-wish-affirming workday and a local show with four very loud acts, and you get utter celebrity-style exhaustion. i didn't even make it to the second act. that may make me officially old, but YOU try it and still get up at 5:30 in the morning. i rest my case, suckos.

'sides, leaving early allowed me to snag this plush photo from my cab window.

24 September 2005


colds can suck it. even if i wanted to go out and do something - which i shouldn't, but i have the damndest urge to shop - i'm too weak to complete the task. i now cannot pop my right ear, either. screw you, whoever infected me at the party last saturday. you should be forced to drink a bucket of other peoples' mucus.

beam me up, snotty.

20 September 2005


looks like even my local KFC got into the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day.

(yeah, i know it was yesterday, but i didn't go by there yesterday. bugger off.)

18 September 2005

up too late

there are worse things than being single, right? i could be attached to a psycho fuck who likes to use me as a punching bag.. i could be going with a druggie slacker.. i could be involved with a mafia hitman. hell, i could be dating a bush voter. so why does being single still suck?
i think i'll be much happier when i finally come to terms with being alone.

17 September 2005

teh future

wtf, who's that happy when they're using their cell?

i was pondering this on the train yesterday, as i saw a gothy lady that piqued my interest.. when are they gonna come out with text messaging that goes by proximity? let's say you have technology that can pick up so many signals within a certain space, and you can choose to whom to send a message. sure it'd be abused, but it'd be great for saying 'nice outfit' or 'your fly's open' or 'i want to get on you'. there has to be some kind of hope for the truly anti-social like myself. howz 'bout it, technocrats?

15 September 2005

fantasy football is stupid

found whilst perusing Google news this morning, via the Chicago Tribune:

Fantasy football is serious business. There are an estimated 12 million to 15 million fantasy players. Or in other words, 12 million to 15 million people who need to get a life.

truer words are seldom spoken.

13 September 2005

fashonista fascism

i loathe fashion. is it this bad everywhere else, or just chicago? all i see are girls who dress to accentuate their paunch, which wouldn't exist if they sat up straight. guys are just as bad, but most guys don't have any fashion sense anyway. i guess i'm just cheesed at females. jesus, flip-flops and a business suit do not a decent outfit make. and yes, they're flip-flops...fuck the thong euphemism. last time i wore those i was about.. 9, max. how can you begin to call yourselves adults?

i'm seeing layers more often these days...layers that just look, well, stupid. two camisoles atop one another? hey, that's not gonna keep your glh's from hanging out all over, sorry. try wearing a pair of jeans that fit once in a while.

i ain't sayin' i'm the fashion epitome to which young women must aspire. i'm as square as a box. but.. i like it that way. at least i can look at myself in the mirror without wanting to take confession. please say there's someone out there in this big city who agrees with me.

pic of the day

i spotted this in the alley behind my apt building. lovingly creepy.

12 September 2005

happy birthday to me

so.. there's this chick at work who has a daily pinup calendar on her desk. yeah, like those old '50s type pinups. being a twock - that is, a derogatory term for a bisexual or bi-curious girl (i'm the latter) - i've flipped through it now and again after she's gone home. good stuff. but i never imagined she'd do what she did today: she gave me my birthday day pinup. yowza. (note: not work safe)


i realized the other day that while i have lived my life and remember too goddamn much of some parts and not enough of others, you out there in Readerland (all one of you who *isn't* related to me) don't know anything about me or my life. my friends, that's alllll gonna change right here and now.

i am a self-proclaimed geek girl. i have a lust for computers and peripherals and shiny mechanical things. (just ask my friend snow about my psu.) my current obsession is Das Keyboard, but ever since I found out it's merely a blank version of a much cheaper kb, i've been fixing to just make one myself. i also game, but it's less of a play-every-game-out-there kind of thing and more of a find-one-game-and-play-the-living-fuck-out-of-it type thing. i currently play Call of Booty.. ahem, Duty: United Offensive. i've also been dabbling in Nethack again. RIP, my earthly responsibilities. i do not currently possess a fab pair of hipster glasses, but i have an eye appt on Wednesday, so who knows?

when not sitting in front of this steadily obsolete box, i live and work in Chicago. it's got its perks and its antiperks. perks: good city-wide public transport (take it from someone w/out a car), architecture, art, diversity, options, late-night goings on. antiperks: rude people, trixies, frat boys, traffic, cost of living. i work downtown with bond traders. it's not the 'Boiler Room'-esque chaos that you might think, but it does get a little intense now and then. those guys know how to party.. much to my chagrin, on occasion.

i'm on the 'boring' side, i guess you would say. what other people would find mind-numbing or off-putting, i really dig.. like electronic music, or Photoshop tutorials, or life in Europe in the Middle Ages, or cemeteries. it's just a matter of something tickling my fancy bone.

and that's about it. for now. i'll just keep the blog vibe real.. by posting whatever comes to my shrivelled, pop culture-saturated mind. woot!

11 September 2005

those English convicts make a gooood meal

so.. yeah. i went a little nuts last night at Outback. props to the bigass burgers and strawberry daquiris. my eyes were bigger than my stomach, but damn if i didn't try to chaw down all i could. the Aussies would have been proud. i apologize to my diet for the temporary inconvenience.

now if only that had been our server.. rowr.

09 September 2005

they say it's my birthday

yeah. it's mah birfday. i am now 26 freakin' years old. i am at the point where athletes start to go downhill, where lifelong careers should already be established, where going out and drinking with friends is already getting old because of the bodily wear and tear. luckily my lack of friends precludes this. i guess it'll just be me. :D just kidding.. man, diets are no fun..

08 September 2005

i deserve a booting

how uncool is it of me to be excited about going to outback steakhouse for my/my mom's birthday dinner? so far, anyway. plans may be changed. know, however, that i am crossing my fingers to get another taste of that sweet, sweet bloomin' onion. < /geek >