29 November 2005


it's not what you think. honest.

i've been playing this horribly time-, money-, life-sucking game called Project Entropia. it's an MMORPG, which translates to 'fantasy game spent mostly running around killing animals and wearing cowboy hats which is so SO NOT GAY.' seriously, you can wear a cowboy hat in it. a colored one...dare i say a purple one. not gay at all.

anyway, you have a person that runs around this fake planet on a virtual continent (there are two, but i've only checked out one so far). your person, or avatar, can kill things, make things, or mine things. it cannot, lamentably, fuck things, otherwise i'd have made a small fortune as a madam already.

oh, btw: this is based on a real-life economy. the in-game monetary units are called PEDs for Project Entropia Dollars (hence the title, GET IT?? please say you get it), which are worth 10 cents. so if i, say, craft some boots with my super-├╝ber-boot-making powers, and they end up being worth, like, 60 PED.. i could transfer that money out to my bank account and use it to buy a Whopper. ain't the internet a beautiful thing?

14 November 2005

free time

i have way too much of it. i drew a very bad comic inspired by my recent wacky adventures with Terre de Google.

I apologize sincerely.

09 November 2005

ashes to ashes, dust to dust

so a few months ago, as previously noted, they knocked down the house next door to my apartment complex. the aging owner came into some troubles, i guess.. he really was one of those typical weird-old-man types who would sit on his front porch and glare at passersby. had 'beware of dog' signs all over the place. apparently he couldn't take care of his dogs or himself anymore and ended up somewhere far away. at any rate, the house got trashed, and in the process the destructors took a chunk out of the house on the other side.

i should have known something was up when that chimney never got repaired. furthermore, i never saw any lights on in that place, not even when i'd come home late at night after clubbing or shows. (makes my life sound so glamorous.. i love it) eventually the ubiquitous condo sign went up and its days were numbered. it's not even the same condo company that's building on the site of the first house. so two new condos right next to each other. i can't wait.

in the meantime.. they knocked down the second house today.

i noticed it as i was trying to flag down the UPS person parked in front of my building. saw the backhoe parked atop all the rubble and just said 'oh, fuck.' creepy little white house, i hardly knew ye. here's hoping they don't put up a fence first thing tomorrow so's i can take some better pictures.

more pictures anyway:

07 November 2005

who, what? where am i?

one good thing about having a terrible memory is that ordering things online becomes a unique self-gifting opportunity. i just now remembered that i bought a 250 gig hard drive on friday. christmas every day, i tells ya.

ps - harold and maude is a fantastic movie. as if you didn't know. (yes, YOU)