26 February 2006

mazZzZzy star

please tell me i'm not the only one on earth who hates hope sandoval's voice. woman drives me nuts. (yeah, i'm dating myself, what of it?)

22 February 2006

fresh pussy

(i hope i get some google hits out of that one)

for all intents and purposes, i have a new member in my 'household'. scott found her (we think it's a her) shivering, scared and following him down Lawrence on friday. being more caring than he'd dare admit, he carted the kitty off to his place, where it promptly got in a face-off with Loki. bad sauce.

so, he asked me to take care of it. i hemmed and i hawed, but in the end, who could say no to this?

ah, the reason blogs were invented.

it hasn't been all fun and games, though. hell, she might not even be mine yet. she ran out of the courtyard of some apt buildings, she seemed well-taken care of, she's trained.. she had to belong to somebody. plus she has the strange habit of attacking my legs and feet when i walk.. pouncing on me while i'm exercising.. and even attacking me when i'm not moving. and i won't even go into the carnage i came home to today:

it didn't stand a chance.

15 February 2006

black tuesday

the worst day of the year has come and gone. amazingly, i did not sucker punch anyone carrying flowers and/or candy. other than that, it was a horrid day in general. hallmark day + pms = ugly.

suffice it to say, no one proclaimed their undying love for me. stupid humans.. you'll come crawling eventually.

07 February 2006

the other alternative is to lop off some limbs

so i'm trying to eat healthier and lose weight before i take off for london, and beyond. the problem? i'm starting to become obsessed with it. i see food and i break it up into its nutritional components. i worry i'm eating too much, that i'm not eating enough, that i should count calories religiously or don't bother at all.. plus there's the whole carbs-or-not thing. i was alarmed to learn that of the 1,000 calories (!) in the average Chipotle burrito, a full third of that is the tortilla shell alone (!!!). jeebus.

on top of all this i've had a downturn in mood as of late. dunno if it's from the diet or from outside circumstances.. my random irrationality has grown. i feel like i have PMS when i don't. makes me a pleasure to work and game with, that's for sure. right now i have little energy owing to my saturday night escapade and the fact that my thighs are still on fire. but damnit, i'm doing upper body shit today anyway. beefcake. BEEFCAKE!

05 February 2006


i got so bored tonight - and i've really wanted to do this oh, i don't know, every weekend - that i went out to neo, without my sister. (*gasp*) such a thing has never occured before, since i rely on her for rides to and from said industrial club. but maaaan, is she a killjoy.

me: hey kim.. could i possibly persuade you to go dancing this weekend?
her: are you fuckin' nuts?

i wish i were kidding. (<3 you kim)

so i went by my lonesome. no rapage or murdering or roofies to report, thankfully, which is what has kept me from going alone. all the regulars are actually really nice. it's the skeezy ones that hang out on the edge of the dance floor and leer, getting steadily drunker, that you have to be aware of. if you're gonna be that close to the action, take off the fuckin' trenchcoat, put out the cig and DANCE, motherfucker!

i got some eye candy in too. there's an interesting specimen i've seen before that was introduced to me personally tonight. unfortunately he shares a name with an ex of mine. not cool, but he seems pleasantly nuts, so i can forgive him. paulie (pauly? pauli?), a neo employee, introduced himself to me for roughly the 5th time since i first saw him. apparently, even though i'm told he's hot for me, he can never remember who i am. *shrug*

and then, things got weird. a few halloweens ago i went out with kim to neo, where on the dance floor, i spied someone who looked exactly like a guy i was having a tough time getting over. spitting image, down to the height and the glasses. and holy fuckshit, could he dance! i couldn't stop staring at him, for both reasons. well, guess who shows up, late into the night. looked like this wasn't his first stop on the dancing/drinking tour. i didn't recognize him at first, cuz he'd done some crazy shit with his hair, growing it long on one side, reminding me of the guy from information society. he jabbered to some friends that were sitting by where i'd parked my winded carcass, then danced to one song, then.. left. whee. i gotta catch up with him sometime.. if only to watch him dance.

my ears are smarting from the sound of typing, so i must go collapse now.