07 February 2006

the other alternative is to lop off some limbs

so i'm trying to eat healthier and lose weight before i take off for london, and beyond. the problem? i'm starting to become obsessed with it. i see food and i break it up into its nutritional components. i worry i'm eating too much, that i'm not eating enough, that i should count calories religiously or don't bother at all.. plus there's the whole carbs-or-not thing. i was alarmed to learn that of the 1,000 calories (!) in the average Chipotle burrito, a full third of that is the tortilla shell alone (!!!). jeebus.

on top of all this i've had a downturn in mood as of late. dunno if it's from the diet or from outside circumstances.. my random irrationality has grown. i feel like i have PMS when i don't. makes me a pleasure to work and game with, that's for sure. right now i have little energy owing to my saturday night escapade and the fact that my thighs are still on fire. but damnit, i'm doing upper body shit today anyway. beefcake. BEEFCAKE!

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