30 January 2007

attention all philanthropists

k.. i know what i want for my birthday/christmas/whateverthefuckelse present:

bloc-weekend festival

clark? two lone swordsmen? bola? autechre (though it's really hard to be excited about that really)? kool keith? shittons of other idm/electronic/weirdass music? in england? in an indoor off-season ski park??

kill me now so i can go to heaven.


so very depressed. hate winter. hate cold. falling to the communists. so cold. so depressed. don't want to do anything. can barely move. so tired. went to bed at 7 last night. so, so tired. so depressed. want to curl up in bed and cuddle. no one to cuddle with. hate earth. hate universe. go to hell.

29 January 2007

to HD or not to HD?

i need a new tv. there's no question about that. the sound starts to go fuzzy after an hour (getting worse from there) and it's too damn dark overall.

here's the thing, though: to what do i upgrade? i don't feel i 'deserve' an HDTV, as much as i want one, cuz i don't have cable/satellite and hardly watch tv as it is. unless i got HD-capable channels, i'd feel like i was wasting it. i've seen so-called 'enhanced' tvs, somewhere between standard CRTs and HDTVs, but those seem like a cheap copout.

when i got my xmas bonus last year, i swore i'd use part of it to nab an LCD HDTV. as the months wore on and i couldn't commit to a model, i talked myself out of it. but now that i'm thinking of it.. i bet zelda would look pretty sweet on one of those things, even if the wii isn't truly HD-compatible. i bet i'd be able to see things at night, too. what a concept. but the money.. oh, i don't know...

28 January 2007

sweet dreams

last night i dreamt i slept through the superbowl. i went to take a nap and slept right through the damn thing. when i woke up i turned on the tv and they'd won. so pissed i was. not really that i'd missed the game, but that i'd have to put up with dozens upon dozens of smug, self-satisfied bears fans for the next year and, possibly, the next two decades. the white sox winning in 2005 was one thing. cubs and sox fans are split up pretty evenly around the city, i'd say. but fucking everyone is a bears fan around here, except for a smattering of cheeseheads and other out-of-towners. whatever. i should bear down for misery either way. they win, fans brag and get drunk and rub it in your face. they lose, fans get angry and grumble for the entire year. what's funny to me is, whether they win or lose, there will probably be rioting around here. we silly gooses in chicago can't tell the difference!

21 January 2007


i know it's been a while since i rapped at ya, people. a lot has happened and i haven't felt like recording it on the interweb. first i got a little stomach virus the weekend after the new year's 5k. couldn't hold down water. it blew.

then i learned my kitty has relapsed. she was taking medicine for her stubborn blood parasite, but her blood count dropped so much she needed another transfusion, so that means the meds weren't working. fearing the worst, the vets took a bone marrow sample, the results of which i should hear early next week. she's a health mess, but she's home and getting feistier, since she's got all that other kitty blood in her now. i hope she's all right.

for some good news (fuckin' finally), kim got engaged! YAYYYY! it's been a long time coming. i figure if she and scott have put up with each other long enough, lived together since may, and they haven't killed each other by now, they gotta tie the knot. many many congratulations to them both!

i also went to a bears game viewing party at a tiny little theater on the south side today. i'm not a bears fan, but i tend to get caught up in the mass hysteria of chicago sometimes when it comes to sports. 'twas fun. the first half we had to watch it like this:

but in the second half, they got it set up like this:

i love technology.

01 January 2007

crazy in crazytown

one of my new year's resolutions this year is to keep doing crazier and crazier shit. i seemed to set a good precedent with the gingerbread house, which was pretty fuckin' crazy. what's even crazier, i thought? doing a 5k walk on new year's day.

i'd never done one before. i've been working out lately - not as much as when i was doing the house, since i was on a diet at the same time. (surrounded by cookies and candy + hardcore diet = crazy.) but i figured, 5k is a little over three miles. i have to walk two miles to get groceries in the summer, so this shouldn't be all THAT bad. note that i say "in the summer." the weather today sucked teats. cold, windy, dreary. it could have been worse, but it was still miserable. on the other hand, it was the perfect weather for the race organizers to be blaring "new year's day" by u2 over the speakers. very desolate. to make things worse, my monthly visitor tagged along and tagged hard. not the best of circumstances. i was also surprised at the lack of water or nutrition bars at the end of the thing, since it was sponsored by powerbar. i hear they give away a ton of free shit at these things. oh well. i'd do another one for sure.. just at a different time of the year and month. i should have my artifical knee installed by then. they'll have to chop this one out if it doesn't stop throbbing.