28 January 2007

sweet dreams

last night i dreamt i slept through the superbowl. i went to take a nap and slept right through the damn thing. when i woke up i turned on the tv and they'd won. so pissed i was. not really that i'd missed the game, but that i'd have to put up with dozens upon dozens of smug, self-satisfied bears fans for the next year and, possibly, the next two decades. the white sox winning in 2005 was one thing. cubs and sox fans are split up pretty evenly around the city, i'd say. but fucking everyone is a bears fan around here, except for a smattering of cheeseheads and other out-of-towners. whatever. i should bear down for misery either way. they win, fans brag and get drunk and rub it in your face. they lose, fans get angry and grumble for the entire year. what's funny to me is, whether they win or lose, there will probably be rioting around here. we silly gooses in chicago can't tell the difference!

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