12 September 2005


i realized the other day that while i have lived my life and remember too goddamn much of some parts and not enough of others, you out there in Readerland (all one of you who *isn't* related to me) don't know anything about me or my life. my friends, that's alllll gonna change right here and now.

i am a self-proclaimed geek girl. i have a lust for computers and peripherals and shiny mechanical things. (just ask my friend snow about my psu.) my current obsession is Das Keyboard, but ever since I found out it's merely a blank version of a much cheaper kb, i've been fixing to just make one myself. i also game, but it's less of a play-every-game-out-there kind of thing and more of a find-one-game-and-play-the-living-fuck-out-of-it type thing. i currently play Call of Booty.. ahem, Duty: United Offensive. i've also been dabbling in Nethack again. RIP, my earthly responsibilities. i do not currently possess a fab pair of hipster glasses, but i have an eye appt on Wednesday, so who knows?

when not sitting in front of this steadily obsolete box, i live and work in Chicago. it's got its perks and its antiperks. perks: good city-wide public transport (take it from someone w/out a car), architecture, art, diversity, options, late-night goings on. antiperks: rude people, trixies, frat boys, traffic, cost of living. i work downtown with bond traders. it's not the 'Boiler Room'-esque chaos that you might think, but it does get a little intense now and then. those guys know how to party.. much to my chagrin, on occasion.

i'm on the 'boring' side, i guess you would say. what other people would find mind-numbing or off-putting, i really dig.. like electronic music, or Photoshop tutorials, or life in Europe in the Middle Ages, or cemeteries. it's just a matter of something tickling my fancy bone.

and that's about it. for now. i'll just keep the blog vibe real.. by posting whatever comes to my shrivelled, pop culture-saturated mind. woot!

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