23 July 2006

wicker park streetfest, etc.

whew. been on my feet for pretty much the whole day (my day starting at 12:30, like a sunday should). i firstly went to the brown elephant on halsted, then to linens 'n things, to look for a foyer table. no dice on either end. i proceeded to big hair to get a freakin' haircut, since i'm such a hippie. no deal. i thought they were open 'till 4 on sunday - such says a sign posted in their window - but they're only open 'till 3 and they stop taking walk-ins an hour before close. i got there at 2:30. boned, i decided what the hell, since i came up here, i'll take a bus down to summerfest in wicker park.

it was ok. i was mostly interested in telefon tel aviv and starlight mints, mostly because those were the only bands i'd heard of beforehand. i missed TTA; they played saturday and i had a certain furniture item to wait on for four hours. but hey, i could still see the starlight mints, and buy some unnecessary gewgaws and greasy pizza while i was at it.

i caught the band before starlight mints, who had the enviable name of someone still loves you, boris yeltsin. (one of the better ones i've heard lately.) i must admit, though he looked underage, the singer was pretty darn cute. i should have bought some crap from them. they put on a good show, too.

starlight mints took their sweet time getting everything ready. i guess that's what you go thru when a large part of your act is samples from many different keyboards and having six people on stage. (at one point they claimed they were not going to do a certain song, as they did not have the appropriate puppets with them.) before they went on, i bumped into a coworker with whom i discuss music with quite a bit. that was cool. unfortunately i kind of blew off his companion/coworker at another job/friend when we parted ways. d'oh.

on the plus side, the mints were very good. i'd only heard a tiny bit of their stuff before going to see them. they're.. well, they're downright goofy. they've got a theatrical britpop/dr. seussian vibe going on, with plenty of horn and random sundry sounds. they looked like they were having fun. good stuff.

oh, as mentioned before, i purchased more than my fair share of jewelry and fewd and beer. one necklace i bought is made from old computer parts. the thought just makes me feel all funny inside. not only is it industrial enough to wear to the club, i could slap it on for a lan party. rock.

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