19 July 2006

revoking my citizenship (again)

so bush put the kibosh on opening up more stem cell research. this doesn't surprise me, nor will it surprise anyone. after all, we're dying to let the world know we're devolving to the point where we're willing to toss embryos in the garbage that could otherwise save people (including children!) from dying.

'hey bob, you just gonna toss those embryos? why don't we try to get some use out of em, since we have em around?'
'nah jimmy, it's a disgrace to the sanctity of life!' *scrapes cells into the incinerator*

what really pisses me off is when he was making his little speech, there were two squirming spawn behind him carried by idiot patsies. i don't pray often, but i hope one of those kids is stricken with Parkinson's or diabetes or something. that'll teach em. fuckers.

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