26 December 2006


so mind-numbingly bored. tumbleweeds are skipping across my work desk.

so what'd i do this weekend? my good friend justin stopped by for a couple days. we took in the sights of star and garter burlesque thursday night. odd setup, but worth it. i'll never hear 'white christmas' the same again, thank god. no more thinking of crusty dead white men. and i got to see my mini-idol, michelle l'amour, in the (copious amounts of) flesh. there's a lady who loves her job.

we were supposed to see "frank's home," a local play about frank lloyd wright featuring a role of louis sullivan, but i spazzed out due to working on the house and waited too long to get tickets. oh well. instead, we just had to play excite truck until our eyes bled. such is fate. i also managed to go off my diet and consume mass quantities of delicious pizza, fudge and mom-made snack mix. i think there was some beer in there too.

christmas day was my crowning achievement. my family celebrated the holiday on christmas eve, so that we'd all have monday to rest before being thrust back into work. traffic was much easier that way, as well. so on actual christmas, i played about eight hours of zelda, most of it straight. just like the good ol' days! i was *this close* to being covered with bedsores when i finally got up. violently unproductive was i. oh, and a great haul of loot did i get, and give. after all, isn't that what it's all about?


Cheesus said...

I hope you figured out a way to do something horrible to those Zelda monkeys.

geekgrrl said...

i wish. zelda games don't really take kindly to attacking NPCs. remember in the very first zelda, when you'd stab helpful characters in dungeons, they'd start lobbing fireballs at you? good times.