15 December 2006

gingerblog: disappointment

all i have to say about last night's gbread outing is.. well, it can't be properly said in human language. imagine grumpy, garbled grumblings and you've got the idea.

i rushed home (as fast as i could rush with all the fucked up trains) to get back to da hizzouse. i really wanted it to be ready for a party saturday night, so my intention was to finish the cardboard mockup and bake all the pieces, then decorate friday night. hoo boy. cutting little cardboard pieces with a hobby knife takes way longer than you'd think. plus i had to take time out to watch chicagoist's very own scott smith on pbs's chicago tonight, talking about the foul state of the cta. woo scott! put that smack down on kruesi!

finally i finished the prelim structure:

i like it. it actually looked like the building now. of course, at this point it was 10 pm, with my normal bedtime rapidly approaching. i whipped out the new mixer, made a batch of dough so fast it was stupid, cut my front piece out of the cardboard pattern, ladeled some jolly ranchers in the window spaces (stopping to crush up more), then threw it in the oven for 20 minutes. big mistake. according to the directions that i forgot to follow, the candies are only supposed to bake for 10. upon retrieval, i found out why:

oops. back to the drawing board. no house for the party, but that does take some of the pressure off. now i can tweak the process..

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