17 December 2006

gingerblog: slowly but surely

i've made a bit of progress since i last posted. not as much as i wanted, but i'll take it. see, i had this party on saturday night, the very party i kinda wanted to get the gbread house done for. i was under the impression that kim (my constant ride) had to get up early to work at starbucks sunday morning, and that we'd be booking it pretty early. my battle plan was to bake saturday afternoon, go to the party, come back relatively early and finish baking what i didn't get done. 11:30 rolls around, we're still at the party.. kim informs me that, oops, she got someone to cover for her. crud.

so here i am, almost 4 am, updating my blog. christ. but i have the four main walls baked! so happy i at least have those done. with the stained glass and the inner 4-watt light bulb i'm putting inside, it's gonna kick so much ass. can't wait to decorate this biatch!

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