09 December 2006


i have decided to build a gingerbread house this holiday season. this is something i've never undertaken before. the urge snuck up on me around thanksgiving and has been kicking around in my head since. thing is, i don't want to do a regular cookie cutter, kit-ready house.. i want to do one from scratch. one that's easy enough in design, but still going to be a challenge for a beginner. one that, most importantly, is a tribute to one of the most gifted architects of our times, in the 150th year since his birth: Louis Henri Sullivan. hence, my contribution to the world of gingerbread masonry shall be:

pilgrim baptist church.

i wanted to pay homage to the man who lost three buildings this year, including this one, all to fire. although licorice whips going up the back of the dexter wirt building would be a nice touch, i had to take pilgrim baptist on, mostly due to its straight-forward, boxy construction. part of me is sweating before i even buy anything; the other part can't wait to see how it'll turn out. wish me luck!

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Jim said...

Good luck! I'm impressed by you serious gingerbread architectural ambition.