13 December 2006

gingerblog: appetite for destruction

it is deceptively easy to simulate stained glass windows in a gingerbread house. simply crush some colored hard candy, sprinkle in holes cut out from the main piece, bake for 10 minutes, and let cool. voila. this is, doubtless, the hardest part: trying to keep the candy from flying everywhere as i break it with a hammer. if i didn't wear slippers around my apartment, i'd probably still be stuck to the floor.

thankfully, my results were encouraging.

i'm pretty pumped myself.


Claire said...

Can I say again how impressed I am? Damn.

nmpkm said...

Wow. Just wow. It's breathtakingly exciting how seriously you're taking this. I mean, cardboard mock-ups, test windows... you're putting more thought into this than the CTA does in a year.

I'm guessing if you started this around thanksgiving you'd have a full scale diarama of Bronzeville by this point.