07 December 2006

advil is shit

i pride myself on not being addicted to caffeine. it makes my mood swings even worse than usual, which is saying a lot. so recently i had a headache, so i took excedrin. headache went away. next day, headache came back. so i took some excedrin. headache went away. next day, same routine, until i was getting a headache every single fucking day. since advil does jack shit, i was gobbling two excedrin every time one came on, which is roughly the equivalent of an 8 oz. cup of coffee. (not starbucks coffee, mind you. that's the devil's fuel. look at how much is in that shit!)

long story short, i have a caffeine addiction i didn't even know about. to be fair, i'd been drinking diet dr pepper as well, which contributes 41 mg per bottle. in my ignorance, i thought diet shit was without caffeine. since my current lack of caffeine is now contributing to my headaches too, i've switched to advil hardcore. pure, caffeine-free ibuprofen. fuckin' worthless. it's like using a pencil to knock down a castle drawbridge. maybe i'll just get a morphine drip for work. that's not addictive, right?


Adam said...

Not 100% sure but I think Tylenol is caffeine free.

If you want to eliminate caffeine from your life drink fruit juice and water only and cut out all candy/chocolate.

I swore off caffeine a year ago and with the exception of green tea (10mg) I cut it all out.

geekgrrl said...

candy & chocolate's out anyway.. i hardly eat candy but chocolate is my weakness. however, there's a christmas dinner dress with my name on it, and it doesn't allow my extra poundage.