12 October 2006

tiny trials and tribulations

so tired.. just got a paper cut on my pinky.. hate everything.. the nipples of mother hope have run dry.

it's girls' weekend this weekend, the annual event where i get away from the pigs of the world and do some r&r up in wisconsin. i am seriously pumped, but the prep seems to be taking a lot out of me. something important to do every night, when i don't have that much time to begin with.. couple that with getting up earlier on the weekends lately, and i'm worn out. i really meant to go to sleep early last night, but i was too busy baking a pumpkin. i wanted to try fresh pumpkin for my pie this year; whilst reading the instructions, i realized i wouldn't be able to bake the pumpkin, make the pie, pack for the trip, and do my laundry in a 4-hour period without losing my marbles. thankfully the pumpkin turned out fine. i've got fresh puree waiting for me in my fridge. mm. pictures forthcoming, probably after the weekend, once i've installed my new camera software.

ps. when i woke up and opened my bedroom door, it was unusually warm, especially for being 26° outside, and my heaters haven't kicked on yet. it was then that i realized i left my oven on all night. oopsy.

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