19 October 2006


so i went to delilah's with kim tonight. $6.50 for a mudslide. in a glass that doubled as a votive candle holder. it was that small. i knew bars could be expensive, but jesus christ. upon entering my domicile i went straight to the liquor cabinet, for it did not quench my thirst for booze.

what a shitty week i've had. and i know tomorrow's just gonna be the shittiest day of them all.. my sales assistant stud partner is out, along with the woman for whom i cover when she takes off. plus i've had a couple drinks, which i normally don't do. lord, this is gonna be fun. good thing i already brought some baileys to work beforehand. i think ahead like that. fuck, i should get a raise for that. at my place, it's not out of the question.

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