26 October 2006

happyist hour

tonight was my first chicagoist happy hour, my first official time meeting the other myriad staffers. i'm not that great meeting a lot of new people at once, so i was hella nervous on the train going to piece. plus i saw a guy who kinda looked like scott smith, and when i looked at him he kinda looked at me, but i was so freaked out that i didn't know for sure that i just kept avoiding his gaze the entire trip. so very relieved was i that it wasn't him. that would have sucked. in retrospect, if it had been him, i don't think he would have looked at me and said nothing.. being the douchebag that i am, i don't know that i would say the same in reverse.

once i got there and settled in, though, everything was cool. of course i forgot my camera, but i don't take a lot of people shots anyway. lots of people showed up; very happy about that. olivia and i kind of ended up in the middle of all the conversations, so we got to talk about her weird beer. (kim's scott, you ever had? not bad.) what was really nice was the pizza. mmmmm mm. that's what thin crust should be. it reminded me of... damn. i can't quite put it into words. something delicious in a land beyond time, how's that? they do carryout but no delivery. pout.

nice to meet you all, chicagoist peeps. it's nice to be part of such a cool little group, even if i only do weekends.

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