22 October 2006

more artsy, less fartsy

listening to: black heart procession, 'a light so dim'

so i've got this wackass air conditioning unit in my apartment. built-in, wall unit, a/c stinks like dead musty fish, can't really do anything about it. that is, until i realized that it almost looks like a projection screen for a very small projector...

cool and all, but what are the odds i'd actually watch movies on it? i'd have to get a projector, make sure it conforms to the specified space, find some movies.. fuck that. that'd only be good for parties anyway, and i ain't no partyer. then i looked at it again, and thought it might be a good tableau for some photos i bought recently. the problem is, i bought three and was planning on framing them. i'd hate to break up the triumvirate. instead, i put up a photo of my own:

printed out on four 8"x11.5" matte photo paper, then fixed into place. i likes it. a lot. the best part is i can take a new picture and change it out once i get sick of it. beats having to air mail something from belgium...

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