23 March 2006

briefing and de-briefing

what's going on in the world of geekgrrl? well, i'm glad i asked..

- my vagabond friend returns from paris/amsterdam/europe today. or tomorrow, i can't remember. either way, he's a jerk.
- i need more pics of my cat. she's so cute, and practically rabies-free!
- picked up 'hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' on dvd a few months back at the doomed rock records/crow's nest store downtown. watched it a few nights ago while reformatting my computer (again). am now obsessed with it, especially with dent arthur dent.
- they really need more extras on that dvd. the commentary is hilarious.. 4 english blokes shooting the shit. heaven!
- is spring here yet?


vagabond friend said...

it's today, and it officially sucks to be back.

geekgrrl said...

awwww poor thing. couldn't stuff any french hookers in your suitcase to take back?

Cheesus said...

The trick is that you don't try to fit a full-size one in your suitcase. You box up a young one, bring it over, and let it grow to full size once it's here in the U S of A.

geekgrrl said...

yeah, but would it still be french? i mean, really?

Cheesus said...

I'm pretty sure it could be labeled either "Made in France" or "Assembled in the USA" depending on which approach the manufacturer decided would sell more units.