09 March 2006

thursday, 2 mar 06

having not eaten the dinner from last night, i woke up incredibly hungry. i downed a croissant, some raisins and o.j. mm. no problems with customs when i got off.. and even though my customs agent was no doubt one of the uglier specimens of london, once he opened his mouth there was no telling what kinds of things i would have done to him. it was wonderful.

my hotel's check-in wasn't until noon, so they didn't have my room ready. glorious. so i wandered around a bit until they had that all figured out. i ended up going down cromwell road, where the museums were located: the natural history museum, victoria & albert museum, and the science museum. all free! yeehaa! i saved actually going to them for later.. i just wanted a freakin' shower by that point. i felt like a filthy animal.
now that i think of it, i really should have taken a picture of said shower. even by american hotel standards, it was a joke. stand-up only, with queer malfunctioning doors and one lone soap tray that was corroded through. once i managed to unscrew the entire showerhead from its placement.

before i could experience the wonder of english hotel showers, though, i took lots of pics of the museums, brompton oratory, brompton church and the churchyard behind that. it was quite peaceful, though i wondered constantly whether or not i was trespassing. you know, dumb american tourist and all that.

after i got sorted at the hotel, i discovered i was incredibly bored, so i took a small walk. i found an internet café type thing (in a video store, does that still count as a café?) wherein i could communicate with my family and such. an hour's worth of time goes a long way when you're just checking your mail. shit, i spent about an hour twenty minutes online throughout the week. hooray for me!


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