09 March 2006

monday, 6 mar 06

went to westminster abbey. at first i couldn't figure out which freakin' building it was.. it wasn't clearly marked and it was smack dab in the middle of several old buildings, parliament being one of them. there were a bunch of protestors in parliament square. weirdo stuff.

the abbey.. i couldn't take photos. they didn't allow it. having said that, i snapped a couple anyway :) the sheer age alone was overwhelming. i almost couldn't cope. parts of it are almost a thousand years old. kings are buried there from 700 years ago. completely mindboggling. and the architecture.. it really felt like after experiencing it, i was closer to heaven. it was that tremendous.

one thing i wanted to check out was poets' corner, of course. t.s. eliot (again), shakespeare, dickens, tennyson, keats, lord byron.. very cool. i did feel kind of strange walking all over them, since most are buried under the floor. :/

when i got through revering ancient dead people, i walked up to trafalgar square to see what all the fuss was about, visiting-wise. holy traffic mess, batman. i guess i got there right around rush hour. it's a big theatre part of town, so that adds into it. i went to a pub nearby and had some smashing spinach macaroni and cheese along with a pint of local wheat beer. i went to three pubs during my stay, and did they have boddington's? nooooo. hell, only one had guinness. what kind of a place is this?!


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