09 March 2006

tuesday, 7 mar 06

tuesday was my last gasp at museums, so i made the most of it. first up was the natural history museum, kind of the equivalent to the field museum. they had an impressive dinosaur exhibit going on. visitors could go on elevated walkways and see just how tall these mofos were. i didn't feel quite so comfortable knowing how much space was between me and the floor. somehow, i survived. i got caught in a mobieus strip of mammal exhibits, none of which interested me very much. actually the coolest things there were the fossils. and at the very top, they had a ginormous cross section of a petrified sequoia that had started growing around 500 AD; it was 1335 years old when it was felled. fantastic.

next was the science museum. i'd spend so much time at the natural history museum that the science museum kind of felt like an afterthought. unfortunately, it was infinitely cooler, like a museum of science and industry for grownups. my camera started malfunctioning in the wellcome wing on the ground floor.. my zoom stopped working. then my batteries died again! joy! (un)luckily the museum was closing anyway. i really wanted to see the exhibits about the history of computing and the one about iceland. :(

i decided to live a little and check out the multivitamins thing back near the old street tube. old street's a bitch to get to from where i was, so it took a while.. but the machines were singing my tune once i got in. the dj was some resident french dude who kinda looked like moby. i did not begrudge him this. i had a couple pints, watched some guys play pool, and grooved. i also talked to this girl from canada who seemed pretty cool. she was with a group.. i asked them if they were all canadians and she said no, her other friends were american, but she'd canadianized them to the point where they weren't assholes. nice. i went home thoroughly tipsy, trying not to think about the massive cockup of a day ahead of me: going home.


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