09 March 2006

saturday, 4 mar 06

bleh. saturday was, as the locals put it, utter bollocks. i woke up @ 1:30 pm, too late to truly take in any of the sights (in my estimation). one of the books i brought had a guided walk throughout kensington, where i was staying. i got the bright idea to try it out, straight from the book. here i was, this huge tourist-y mess, walking around with my gloves, my ipod, my books and my camera, trying not to get frustrated beyond all belief. just as i reached an interesting churchyard and moldy old gravestones, my batteries conked out again. i said fuck it and went back to my hotel for the rest of the night, trying to convince myself that staying in on a saturday night in london was not the end of the world. i think i was successful...


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