05 July 2006

america's got another patsy

crap. crap crap. crap crappity crap. i think i'm hooked on 'america's got talent.' i always said i avoided these kind of shows like the plague, for obvious reasons, but goddamn, i couldn't stop watching. the whole reason i tuned in was because one of our local gals got on the show (and passed onto the next round, btw). they showed her in a rerun, then damn their oily souls, they showed a new one after that! what kind of demons DO such an abominable thing??

i could get used to this whole 'teevee' thing... sure beats real life.


Bill V said...

I prefer real life better. I guess it's the talent, actually the lack of talent that makes me turn off these shows in about 5 minutes. The idea is ok, I just don't get excited by the guests. The Gong Show was better!

geekgrrl said...

yeah, that's what i was reminded of when i saw this show.. you just gotta love david hasselhoff, though, on some kind of level. maybe it's just the german in me.