15 March 2006

planet starbucks

so today starbucks had free coffee from 10 till noon, nationwide. for some intangible reason, images pop up in my mind of the lines such a giveaway will form.. and from the top they form huge swastikas all throughout the land. maybe i'll see it on google earth in a few years.

holy shit.. i just realized my poor, dear sister started her shift at 10 at the aforementioned perky house of evil. i hope and pray her mind isn't utterly shattered come nightfall. i dunno if her shop is taking part in the promotion, though. how'd it go, kim? :D

all right, i'm off to dig out my ovaries with a rusty oyster fork. ta.

1 comment:

scott said...

she didn't work at Starbucks yesterday. do you know anything about your sister at all? mmm?