14 August 2006

tedium, she wrote

blogs are a catch 22. when i'm doing lots of blog-worthy stuff, i don't feel like sitting down and writing about it. the only times i feel like blogging is when i have nothing else better to do...in other words, when i have no material. eh.

this weekend i managed to walk two miles (roundtrip) for three ingredients to make a one-person fondue. i hate not having a store nearby. it turned out pretty good, though, so i guess it was worth it, what with the exercise and the nice weather and all. i also managed to completely forget about the Arks playing a show saturday night. i swear to god i'm going to see you guys play with Glenn one of these days. (sorry...) i was bored out of my skull, too. serves me right, for some reason i'm sure is valid, on some cosmic plane.


scott said...

I read that quick and I thought you said "one-person fondle"

anyway. you should write about seeing me play and how awesome I am. then you should come see me play tomorrow and write about how awesome I am. then you should come see me Saturday and write about how awesome I am...

geekgrrl said...

assuming you *are* awesome, anyway.

i could do that, or i could bitch about how much black apple sucks.. hmmm... :D