06 August 2006

my lot

going to see black heart procession tonight. very jazzed. my only caveat is that i'll be going by myself, which is the usual chain of events when it comes to music i really want to see. it doesn't happen very often, which makes things even worse. i even put an ad on craigslist, the last bastion of companionship. i got a grand total of two responses - one time i posted at midnight on a saturday and got roughly a hundred - neither of which knew the band, which was kind of my only criteria. eh.. i'ma roll up into a big ball of self-pity now and roll away.

ps - just watched bhp's video for 'guess i'll forget you.' there's no reason why a song that depressing should have a video that funny. it's just not fair.


Tankboy said...

Well, how was the show?

geekgrrl said...

freaking awesome. after they did 'tropics of love' i could have died very, very happy. thanks for asking!

smussyolay said...

dude, why aren't we friends? like instead of me admiring your comments on chgoist friends? not to mention i can't count anymore how many shows i've seen by myself.

geekgrrl said...

ad.. mire?

i don't think i've heard that word applied to me in a very long time. yeah.. why aren't we friends?