22 July 2006

the day has arrived!

over memorial day weekend, i went to roy's furniture (2455 n. sheffield) to scope out couches. i'd never owned one of my own before; one of the slew of apartments i've lived in so far had a hand-me-down, but it didn't move with me and the sublettors donated it to the brown elephant, if i recall correctly. pro about roy's: they're pretty darn cheap due to lack of advertising, and they have a fuckton of nice stuff. con about roy's: 6-8 weeks for delivery. my poor homeless couch, floating in the ether, was not to be truly mine for at least a month and a half.

but today, they finally deposited it in my living room in under five minutes, with little fanfare. it was as if an alien wormhole had plopped this green overstuffed egg into my undeserving dimension:

and apparently, i'm not the only one happy about it:



scott said...

it was very nice of you to buy Bailey a couch. maybe she'll let you sit on it!

geekgrrl said...

the trick is to not let the little biatch scratch the fuck out of it... working on it, unsuccessfully.

scott said...

when Loki started to scratch my couch, I placed a scratching post (one of the rope ones, not one of the carpet ones) directly in front of where he'd been scratching. he figured it out quickly.