27 June 2006

the englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain and blew another fucking tiebreaker

there are few constants in life. it puts my mind at ease to know that amid all the chaos of the world, e always equals mc2, the Cubs will always suck, and Tim Henman will never win Wimbledon. i was fairly surprised to see him playing this year. don't get me wrong, i always had a soft spot for the dark-haired chap with the Wallace-like teeth, but the homeboy's just never had the cojones to dig in and win the whole thing. he's a relic - a serve-and-volley player in a world of baseliners - and the increasingly outmoded grass is supposedly 'his' surface.. yet he can't bring it all together and make it happen. i've watched him drag out match after match with amateurs to five sets, only to lose before the round of 16 to anyone who can put up a challenge. poor sod.

he's not even seeded this year.. and i saw his next match is against reigning champ Roger Federer. sorry, Tim, hope to see you crash and burn again next year. cheers!

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Bill V said...

Sad, but true, the Cubs will always suck. At least until there is a new owner. Regarding Tennis, that is what it looks like the Cubs are trying to play.