20 June 2006

the sound of sushi

i get breakfast for my coworkers in the morning. (insert sound of whip cracking *here*) luckily, there's an american-style eatery right downstairs in our building that i go to nearly every day, not only for breakfast, but lunch too. today i noticed a bigass sign denoting four kinds of sushi. buoyed, i asked the girl behind the counter about said sign. she told me not only were they starting with the sushi serving today, but to celebrate, they'd give some away free. free rhymes with squee, which is an approximation of the noise i made.

when lunchtime rolled around, i went down to pick up my tasty fishy morsels. complications ensued. turns out they were sent the wrong stuff, ergo, no free lunch. crushed, i opened my wallet nonetheless to spare myself the disappointment of sushilessness. i moped back upstairs and commenced with my pencilpushing.

then, out of the corner of my eye, i spied someone coming into the office. someone put a small plate down next to me with two tiny rolls and a packet of soy sauce. he joggled my elbow and said my name. i whizzed around and saw it was jorge, one of the cashiers/servers in the restaurant. he'd come up even though he completely didn't have to and spanked me some free sushi. how cool is that? it was pretty good, too.. i think he gave me some spicy salmon and tuna. mm.

i know there's no way on earth you read my blog, jorge, but thank you anyway!

ps. a&w diet root beer does not go with sushi. not one bit.

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