10 October 2005

saw the boys from airiel tonight @ darkroom. despite putting in a brief appearance at the double door last time they played (see post), i haven't actually seen them play in a while. as i was standing there, beer in hand, swaying gently (and not-so-gently) to their ethereal music, i thought.. i'd give my left ovary to hear this shit. i've heard it over and over and over.. and it never gets old. sure, i'd love to hear new material, but their old stuff suits me just fine. lordy.

plus i wore earplugs for the first time and i could actually understand what the fuck jeremy was singing. i swear, airiel's one of the loudest bands i've ever heard. (hoping that makes it sound like i've seen a lot of bands, heh) well, i'm a beer over my limit, so i'm gonna spill into bed now... nite cory, you wonderful manwhore.. <3

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