20 October 2005

i just spent ~an hour cleaning up old mouse turds behind my refrigerator and ridding my cupboards of bug-infested flour. all because i wanted to make some cheese dip. wtf.

in case you're wondering, no, i don't have mice.. i used to. the house next door had a potent mouse problem, and when they lovingly tore it down to make future condos, the little buggers ran straight for my apartment complex. i'm in a basement pad, so i got it pretty nasty, but my building manager on the floor above said she saw some as well. cripes. the best was having a friend stay over and us both hearing the aluminum foil in under my stovetop crinkle ever so slightly in the middle of the night.

as for the flour, i dunno. i left an extra bag out atop my cupboard (2 for 1 deal), so it's no wonder how insects got in that lot. i picked the fucking thing up and saw them crawling all over the bottom. that's only after i opened my flour tin and saw the distinct movement of foreign bodies.

on the bright side, i discovered i'm not really that hungry.

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mikraas said...

isn't it amazing how finding insects in your food can put a distinct damper on your appetite? i found meal worms in my spaghetti. i don't think i ate anything for the rest of the evening after that. bleh.