08 October 2005

flying over cities again with google. one interesting aspect of google earth is overlays. one kind of overlay you can have is notes tagged onto the viewscreen by other users. there's a guy who's been going thru major cities marking urban decay and housing projects. naturally i've been hooked.

in addition to letting us know where not to go when we get off the highway, he (she? seems like a he's work) gives a link to a website wherein there are photos of the various cities and whatnot. lacking in webpage style, but heartstopping in neighborhood snapshots. seeing pictures like that is like seeing someone with half his face missing. in an instant you know something is terribly wrong, yet you can't look away. the worst i've seen so far are detroit.. 45 pages worth of photos of urban decay. christ, even chicago only has 8. what's more, google earth shows many many detroit houses in the process of natural selection. to have them sit around that long, untouched by developers or the city, so that they crumble away to nothing...

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