28 September 2005

i <3 nostalgia

one of the things i liked so much about tetris is that i can play it effortlessly and just.. let my mind wander. i like to play it when i have a difficult problem in my life that i feel i must work out. the mechanical jibber-jabber of my fingers lends itself well to the split concentration needed for my unconscious to spit out what it's percolating. in times of trouble, tetris is my panacea.

i also like it because it's basically the only problem-solving game i was ever any good at. i purposely fuck some of my games up just so i can work out the problem further on down the line. it's no oregon trail, sure, but that's frighteningly far-sighted for my way of thinking.


scott said...

Oregon Trail pWnZ!

geekgrrl said...

one of the funniest quotes i've read on the internet went as such: 'You haven't lived until you've been in a LAN pickup game of Oregon Trail.' i don't even know if that's *possible*, but i'd love to see it tried!

scott said...

WTF? can you even play Oregon Trail with multiple players?

as I recall, the key was to go at a gruelling pace with meager rations until people got sick, then use filling rations while either stopped or going really slow until they get better. Of course, I can't remember most of the shit I learned in college, but I still remember that.