12 September 2005

happy birthday to me

so.. there's this chick at work who has a daily pinup calendar on her desk. yeah, like those old '50s type pinups. being a twock - that is, a derogatory term for a bisexual or bi-curious girl (i'm the latter) - i've flipped through it now and again after she's gone home. good stuff. but i never imagined she'd do what she did today: she gave me my birthday day pinup. yowza. (note: not work safe)


Cheesus said...

I'd hit it.

smussyolay said...

so, i noticed that this month was your one year blog anniversary, and i decided to go back and see what it was like from the beginning ... great stuff from the start.

why are we called twocks? what's the derivation? besides, i'm not so sure i'm just not a bisexual who hasn't done anything about it yet.

where did you find this out?