01 June 2009

getcher motor runnin'?

i've lived in Chicago for six and a half years now. just lately, something strange has come over me...the oddest feeling, the queer urge to...buy a car. agh, i feel dirty just typing it.

so far i've gotten along by riding the rails and patronizing taxis, but i think my wanderlust is acting up. relying upon Kim to chauffeur me everywhere is neither reliable nor fair. sure, if she ditches her stick and buys an automatic, i could drive that... it's not the same.

*cue rantings of typical greedy American, a car for every person, etc* seriously. lemme give a positive rundown:

  • i'd be able to go anywhere i wanted at any time.

  • i'd finally learn to drive via trial by fire.

  • it'd be a lot easier on Kim.

  • i could take mini-vacations outside the city without having to fly or figure out train schedules.
  • being able to contribute better on road trips.

  • with enough practice, i could level up to visiting friends out-of-state.

  • i wouldn't feel like i'm tied to a major city anymore, thereby opening up my options for the future.

naturally there are bad things:
  • car payments.

  • license sticker fees.

  • parking meter fees.

  • car insurance.

  • gas prices.

  • Chicago traffic.

  • Chicago winters.

  • parking/street sweeping tickets.

  • repairs and upkeep.

  • i suck at driving.

wow, that's a lot more negatives than i anticipated. this requires some serious thought.

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