30 May 2007

mortal kockup

i don't blog much. and i usually don't blog about stuff that just took place. but i have to blow off some steam.

i've been waiting on mortal kombat: armageddon for the wii for ages now. pretty much since it was announced, at least since december. i put myself down for preorder at gamestop. the release date said sometime in february. no prob, i can wait a little while, right? while i waited (and waited and waited) i saw what all they were planning on doing with the wii controller. looked like some pretty nice shit. simple interface, good way to integrate the motion sensing capability. needless to say, i was stoked.

yesterday i got the call: it came in. since peapod came last night and i had to wait for it, i went out today instead and snapped it up. what i found when i got home was greatly disappointing.

it doesn't work with the wiimote.

i thought it was something i was doing. i even shut off the wii and turned it back on again. but no. i can bring up the wii 'home' page with the wiimote from within the game, i can navigate just fine with the thing outside of the game.. but the stupid game doesn't work with the innovative piece of machinery around which it was engineered. i finally got it to work with the gamecube controller, but who the fuck wants to do that? i bought it so i could rip out a man's spine out merely by waving my controller back and forth on a whim, not mashing buttons like every other gimpass figher!

i'm hoping i'm still at fault somehow. i'm gonna look around this morass called the internet and see if anyone's having the same problem. you'd think since nintendo pushed the release date so far back, they'd have put out something that works. i expect this kinda shit from sony or microsoft, not nintendo.

UPDATE: sigh.. false alarm. nowhere in the manual did it say to unplug any gamecube controllers if you wanted to use the wiimote. i unplugged it and voila. works like a charm (pretty much). now i gotta learn all those moves...

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