28 February 2007

a new addition to the family

with my old CRT TV really hitting the skids (the sound got fuzzier and fuzzier until it was fuzzy all the time), i finally, finally broke down and got an HDTV. samsung, 32", LCD, from amazon. $1000 with free shipping. and oh my is it ever sweet.

i did not receive it without some tribulations, however. the delivery guy kept asking me out, even going so far as to hug me (!) and kiss me on the neck (!!!) after he set up the box. very, very surreal. unfortunately 1. i wasn't interested and 2. i wanted to dive into 720p goodness. he seemed to be okay with it.. it felt like a 'hey, i'll give it a shot' kind of situation. still, ultra weird on my end.

but! the set's looking great so far. checked out a couple movies on it (even made washed-out london look decent), played some wii with new component cables (not really made for HD, but i'll take it), and i discovered an extra-long S-video cable that works from my computer's vid card. verdict? i can watch downloaded stuff on my new HDTV:

so. honking. jazzed.


snow the cable gay said...

*psst* your tv has a 'pc in' port. you might find that much improved over your piddly s-video experience. get a vga splitter and second vga cable with the right sex ends (try not to get turned on the by the technobabble)

geekgrrl said...

i looked into that at compusa yesterday. i'd love to buy one, but i'm waiting till they go on sale - compusa's going out of business here. the s-video will be fine till then. (psst - that's a pretty crappy picture.)

do you even have an hdtv yet?