05 February 2007

those most blackest of ♥s

now that the super bowl is history, the media is free to focus on my most hated holiday: valentine's day. case in point: even as i write this my coworker next to me has been talking to his sigoth for what seems like two hours. makes for a very fine ipecac. verily, the only way to get through this hellacious sugar-soaked mush fest is to riff on it mercilessly. so to prove to myself i still have the mind of a 10-year-old who just discovered swearing, i went over to the good ol' candy heart generator. you know those goddamned "conversation hearts" that are good for nothing but chalk substitution in inner city schools? (fuck, there's an idea...) borrowing heavily from bittersweets, mst3k and a lovely site highlighting the substance behind these tasteless atrocities, i put the machine to work:
classy, eh?


Carpal said...

'Sigoth' is a nifty term. It took me a bit to figure it out. It reminded me of shoggoth.

geekgrrl said...

i wish i could claim it as my own. that distinction belongs to one rob christopher.

mikraas said...

i am so glad that you're my sister. damn, i hate valentine's day.

smussyolay said...

dude. those hearts are fucking hysterical. you know there's some company where you can get them custom made, right? you should get those made. $ shot? fucking awesome!!!

Jon said...

Sorry, but I had to comment again because as I was reading them off to #1GF! and I could barely get out "Pity fuck" because I was chuckling so much.

I laughed just reading it above.

I need help.