29 January 2007

to HD or not to HD?

i need a new tv. there's no question about that. the sound starts to go fuzzy after an hour (getting worse from there) and it's too damn dark overall.

here's the thing, though: to what do i upgrade? i don't feel i 'deserve' an HDTV, as much as i want one, cuz i don't have cable/satellite and hardly watch tv as it is. unless i got HD-capable channels, i'd feel like i was wasting it. i've seen so-called 'enhanced' tvs, somewhere between standard CRTs and HDTVs, but those seem like a cheap copout.

when i got my xmas bonus last year, i swore i'd use part of it to nab an LCD HDTV. as the months wore on and i couldn't commit to a model, i talked myself out of it. but now that i'm thinking of it.. i bet zelda would look pretty sweet on one of those things, even if the wii isn't truly HD-compatible. i bet i'd be able to see things at night, too. what a concept. but the money.. oh, i don't know...

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Adam said...

In 2 years anything that isn't digital or HD capable will stop working over the air (you say you don't have cable).

February 2009 regular television will go off the air.

Digital TV at last?