21 January 2007


i know it's been a while since i rapped at ya, people. a lot has happened and i haven't felt like recording it on the interweb. first i got a little stomach virus the weekend after the new year's 5k. couldn't hold down water. it blew.

then i learned my kitty has relapsed. she was taking medicine for her stubborn blood parasite, but her blood count dropped so much she needed another transfusion, so that means the meds weren't working. fearing the worst, the vets took a bone marrow sample, the results of which i should hear early next week. she's a health mess, but she's home and getting feistier, since she's got all that other kitty blood in her now. i hope she's all right.

for some good news (fuckin' finally), kim got engaged! YAYYYY! it's been a long time coming. i figure if she and scott have put up with each other long enough, lived together since may, and they haven't killed each other by now, they gotta tie the knot. many many congratulations to them both!

i also went to a bears game viewing party at a tiny little theater on the south side today. i'm not a bears fan, but i tend to get caught up in the mass hysteria of chicago sometimes when it comes to sports. 'twas fun. the first half we had to watch it like this:

but in the second half, they got it set up like this:

i love technology.


smussyolay said...

i really hope your smussio does okay. i think mine is also sick again.

but your post raises a question... where do they get kitty blood for transfusions? do they have kitty blood drives?

Claire said...

Sorry to hear about your cat!!

geekgrrl said...

i think they have cats they use at vets or labs.. like sitting around. i don't know, it seems strange.