22 November 2006


what's it gonna take to get one of these systems, eh? the stores i know are going to get what, 10 a week? every two weeks? shouldn't i be able to 'preorder' or stake my claim on the next shipment by this point, even if it takes me a month to get one? amazon's still not taking preorders; compusa isn't offering it either online or in the store; it's nowhere to be found on sears' website, only the games; and my most convenient target said they wouldn't get it at all until fucking february. my 'contacts' are so small and untechy that no one i immediately know is going to get this or is even looking for it.

this blows. how long is it going to take until the market is saturated?


Jim said...

It really pissed me off that everyone stopped taking preorders after the initial shipment. I lucked out, though. My sister found one for me at a Wal-Mart in Wyoming while she was driving across the country.

geekgrrl said...

i didn't even know you could preorder. i know you couldn't on amazon.. i was under the impression than you couldn't at gamestop, best buy, etc. either.