18 November 2006

disassemblance of a house

another in my fondness for curious houses.. this one without a happy ending, again. i first discovered this house in april, i think, right next to eat a pita on halsted. it looked a little funny, so i took a picture:

something very waffly about it. supposedly it was a plumbing business or something, but it had a 'for sale' sign prominently displayed on it.

a while later, i walked past it and it had changed:

the waffling was gone. sign was still there. hrm, maybe they're doing reno.

oh, how naïve i am:

well, that's the end of that. i didn't see any permit signs or anything on the barricading fence. it's got a foundation in its place already. god willing, those will some day be overpriced, crappily-made condos. i imagine i came on it pretty late in its lifespan.. i bet it wasn't always waffled, that something covered that up in the past. now i'll never know.

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