25 November 2006

lakeview, we have a problem

i live in a pretty nice section of town. quite gentrified, nice shops, good restaurants. that last one can be a problem. i have a hankering for run-of-the-mill mexican, tacos and burritos and such...and i can't find any. metromix is giving up nothing non-fancypants in my neighborhood within walking distance. as much as i'd love to chow down on another sesame-encrusted tuna filet like the last time i went to an upscale mexican restaurant, i was thinking more along the lines of some freakin' tacos. my last place in uptown had two mexican places across the street from each other and another on the way home, and those were just the ones i knew about coming off the train.

looks like chipotle again for me..


leo said...

Where in Lakeview? I live right off of Broadway and Belmont, and there are 2 run of the mill mexican places 2-3 blocks south of there.

james said...

then there's the place under the addison red line station and the place on broadway, just south of irving.

geekgrrl said...

james - too far north.

leo - i'm near clark & belmont. what places do you know?

unmikely said...

El Mariachi is four blocks from you at 3420 N Broadway. It should do the trick.


The money you save can be spent on a fancy schmancy sippin' tequila at Jacqueline's next door.